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About Jenvey Dynamics

Jenvey dynamics design, develop and manufacture motorsport fuel injection throttle bodies and induction systems.

Jenvey Dynamics was founded in 1987 by successful sports car racer Richard Jenvey. Fuel injection throttle bodies were introduced during the early 1990's. Their success led us to concentrate on these and related engine components.

The fuel injection range has extended to cover the entire induction system: manifolds, fuel rails and fittings, air horns, linkages and other associated parts. Facilities include design with 3D CAD, tool and patternmaking, prototyping, foundry, and machining by CNC and CAD/CAM.

We make all main throttle body components in-house including housings, spindles, butterflies, levers and fuel rails. This enables the close control of quality, design, research, development and confidentiality which is essential for success in any form of motorsport.

Mike and Richard Jenvey have won 5 motorsport championships between them in self developed and engineered cars. The Mike and Richard developed Sports 2000 car won Autosport magazine's National Racing Car of the Year in 2009. This winning mentality is applied to all Jenvey products.

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Richard Jenvey - Le Mans Mike Jenvey - Sports 2000
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