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Recommended throttle body kits that work - includes all major components - manifold, throttle bodies with interconnecting links,  fuel rails and suitably lengthed air horns.  For drawings and instructions please see the individual components.

                          Now all kits come built , balanced and ready to fit.   All single throttle bodies now come in a crackle black finish not self colour.

Throttle Body Kits

BMW Mini - SF40 Throttle body kit

Jenvey throttle body kit BMW mini
Part No: CKB01
ex VAT:£977.00

Product details

BMW M52 6 cly - TBP45 Kit

Jenvey BMW M52 throttle body kit
Part No: CKB02
ex VAT:£1,232.00

Product details

BMW M10 - TBP45 Kit

Jenvey BMW M10 throttle body kit
Part No: CKB03
ex VAT:£772.00

Product details

Chevrolet LS7 SFD60 taper Throttle kit

Jenvey Chevrolet LS7 throttle body kit
Part No: CKCT02
ex VAT:£2,533.00

Product details

Chevrolet LS7 Down- SFD60T Kit

Part No: CKCT05
ex VAT:£2,600.00

Product details

Chevrolet LS3 Down- SFD52 Kit

Jenvey kit Chevrolet LS3 Downdraft
Part No: CKCT04
ex VAT:£2,220.00

Product details

Chevrolet LS3 SFD58 Taper Throttle Kit

Chevrolet LS3 throttle body kit
Part No: CKCT03
ex VAT:£2,544.00

Product details

Airbox kit CKCT03 LS3

Part No: ABK-CT03
ex VAT:£808.20

Product details

Ford Zetec - SF Taper throttle body kit

Part No: CKFD02N
ex VAT:£1,095.00

Product details

Ford BDA - SF Taper throttle body kit

Part No: CKFD11
ex VAT:£1,086.00

Product details

Zetec Turbo Kit

CKFD02T Jenvey ITB turbo kit
Part No: CKFD02T
ex VAT:£1,524.00

Product details

Ford 2.0L Pinto -TBP45 Kit

Part No: CKFD17
ex VAT:£749.00

Product details

Honda K20 EP3 SFD60 kit

Part No: CKHA07-60
ex VAT:£1,612.00

Product details

Jaguar V6 - SF45 Throttle body kit

Part No: CKJR02
ex VAT:£1,701.00

Product details

V12 Jaguar throttle body kit SF45

Part No: CKJR04
ex VAT:£2,976.00

Product details

Mercedes V12 ( zonda) kit

Zonda V126
Part No: CKMM10
Call for price
ex VAT:

Product details

Subaru 3.0L Flat 6 SF kit

Part No: CKSU01
ex VAT:£1,926.00

Product details

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