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BMW 2002 with Throttle Bodies

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Take a look at this 1970 BMW 2002 which has recently been converted to fuel injection using a set of Jenvey Heritage DCOE Throttle Bodies.
Here is what our customer said after using our throttle bodies for a number of months -
"Performance is well beyond my expectations. The mid-range HP and torque (where you spend 90% of the time) is significantly higher than a carbed car. I recently went on an 800 mile road trip with about 25 other cars. Nobody could keep up with me in that mid-range area. The meter revs so quickly and freely compared to the dual carbed BMW's I have owned. You get to keep that throaty growl we all love from side-drafts and gets tons more power over carbs.
If you are looking to Clean up your Classic and get more power, better fuel economy, reliability and driveability out of your car then the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body is the perfect solution!

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