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Jenvey Dynamics Unveil Ultimate Heritage Throttle Body Kits for Air Cooled Porsches.

Jenvey Dynamics, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of fuel injection throttle body and induction systems, has just announced a brand-new product that promises to revolutionise the Porsche Air-Cooled aftermarket, classic and resto-mod markets.

Completely designed and manufactured in-house by Jenvey, the new Porsche Air cooled Heritage kits are a natural progression to the exceptionally successful DCOE Heritage Throttle bodies released in 2017. They boast all the plus points associated with Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs) kits, yet manage to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period carburetor induction set-up – ensuring that it won't look out of place in the engine bays of classic and retro vehicles.

The advantages of modern, electronic fuel injected intake systems are simply too hard (and too numerous) to ignore, with some of the key facets being a reliable, unbroken flow of air, extremely accurate control via advanced standalone ECUs, easy starting in all seasons, and of course, more power and economy. The sole downside on a classic installation, up until now, has always been the aesthetic – something that the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body solves with its retrospective exterior design and exquisite engineering.

Jenvey’s attention to detail is evident in every key area of the Heritage Throttle Body's design, with the completely hidden fuel injectors and throttle pot both being perfect examples. These are joined by a selection of air horns, the numerous sizes available allowing customers to spec the version that best suits their requirements.

The level of finish displayed by the Heritage throttle body is a direct result of the intensive development period needed to bring it to market, one which saw Jenvey collaborate with Rothsport Road and Race Inc., one of the USA’s leading Porsche specialists. This relationship saw the throttle body extensively road and dyno tested on Rothsports Porsche, with the resulting data ploughed right back into the project. Further development in the UK confirmed the fantastic performance and driveability gains. The end result is a throttle body that looks perfectly at home when bolted to the top of Porsche’s iconic flat-six, yet still manages to function in a manner until now reserved for more modern induction setups. It's been proven to provide notable increases in power across the rev range, offer improved fuel economy, starting and driveability and sounds simply amazing.

Jenvey leads the market with its innovative designs, always striving to push the boundaries of induction systems, so is the new Heritage Throttle body not something of a sideways step for the respected firm?“While superior to carburetors in every quantifiable way, many Porsche enthusiasts have been put off throttle bodies due to an unwillingness to compromise the overall aesthetic of their treasured classic” says Jenvey’s Managing Director, Mike Jenvey. “With the increase in the classics market and its demand for the benefits of an electronic fuel injected intake system, we have addressed the visual element with our Heritage Throttle Body design”.

Jenvey has made sure to offer the Porsche Heritage Throttle Body kits for the 2 bolt engine with 35mm and 39mm port sizes married to a 42mm and 45mm throttle body respectively.

The Heritage Throttle Body will be officially unveiled at the PMW, Cologne show in November, and Classic car show in Birmingham, UK simultaneously and Jenvey expects there to be significant interest around this potentially groundbreaking product. Pre orders are being taken now and the Heritage Throttle Bodies will be available for delivery from November 2021.

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