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DCOE Heritage Throttle Body

All the benefits of Electronic fuel injection with classic appearance. Perfection!

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Classic Cars

With the launch of the Jenvey DCOE Heritage throttle body in 2016 Jenvey has started to design, develop and produce specific products for a growing industry we have been supplying into for many years with our motorsport range.  We also manufacture many manifolds to adapt our fuel injection to cars as diverse as Alvis, Datsun 240Z and Jaguar. 

Review of the new Heritage Throttle Body set up in the Silver Aston Martin DB5 as pictured...

There are no jerks, flat spots or surges, just a rich, smooth flow of torque from idle speed to high revs.  It feels fabulous, as if every hydrocarbon molecule is contributing something useful and the throttle response is instant.  It’s hard to imagine how a Marek straight-six could run more efficiently than this.  Point proven and mission accomplished!

John Simister, Vantage

Heritage throttle body

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