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Copies of Jenvey Products

A number manufacturers make and sell throttle bodies and linkages that are intended to be copies of Jenvey products.

Whilst the products may look similar please consider that a company that is unable to design its own products is unlikely to understand the manufacture of that product and the exacting specifications and tolerances that are critical to safety.

All new Jenvey throttle bodies have the Jenvey logo cast in (except TC twin bodies, SFC 1 and 2inj) as do most of our manifolds.  Where possible we include a permanent logo on our products.  If you have any concern that you have been sold a copy then please contact us. sales@jenvey.co.uk

If you have any evidence that these other manufacturers are trying to pass-off their products as Jenvey throttle bodies whether it be written, anecdotal or otherwise please contact us. sales@jenvey.co.uk

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