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Why Jenvey throttle bodies?


Products and systems are all designed in house.

Many products are designed in conjunction with recognised engine experts.

Backed by a total induction system design, tool and manufacture service.

Jenvey throttle bodies are copied in appearance by a number of other manufacturers. These imitations may not offer the same performance, reliability, lightness or value.


Detailed attention to fuel mixing, distribution and flow.

Careful attention to injector position and angle, port characteristics, butterfly and spindle position and shape

Straight shot manifolds specifically design to suit our fuel injection throttle bodies.

8° shut angle (smaller than most) giving finer control at small throttle openings.

Constant development.

Reliability / Quality

All Jenvey products leave the factory ready to bolt onto your engine and win races.

PTFE - lubricated, phosphor - bronze bearings allow expansion float, extreme accuracy, low wear and resistance to temperatures over 200° C.

All major components / systems are backed by rig tests of over 1 million cycles.

Throttle bodies are individually tested before release.

Most parts are made in our own factory in the UK.

Proven in use worldwide.

We compete using our own products.


Weight is considered in every design (lightness wins races).


Continuous production improvements offset raw material price increases.

Discounts available for trade and quantity.

Comprehensive accessory, parts and spares service.

We are the specialists!

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