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Profiled Butterfly system

with Electronic Throttle Actuator for ultimate performance. This system has won 3 series championships during development.

DCOE Heritage Throttle Body

All the benefits of Electronic fuel injection with classic appearance. Perfection!



Jenvey’s roots are in motorsport.  We have a passion for premium performance and ensure we regularly compete with our own products giving us direct feedback and a high level of self responsibility.  We know how important weight and reliability are and understand the needs of our customers, our products deliver and are the choice of leading motorsport brands!


Classic Cars

With the launch of the Jenvey DCOE Heritage throttle body in 2016 Jenvey has started to design, develop and produce specific products for a growing industry we have been supplying into for many years with our motorsport range.  We also manufacture many manifolds to adapt our fuel injection to cars as diverse as Alvis, Datsun 240Z and Jaguar. 

Review of the new Heritage Throttle Body set up in the Silver Aston Martin DB5 as pictured...

There are no jerks, flat spots or surges, just a rich, smooth flow of torque from idle speed to high revs.  It feels fabulous, as if every hydrocarbon molecule is contributing something useful and the throttle response is instant.  It’s hard to imagine how a Marek straight-six could run more efficiently than this.  Point proven and mission accomplished!

John Simister, Vantage

Heritage Throttle Body


As sole throttle body supplier to Radical Sports Cars Suzuki Hayabusa based engines we have a great experience of motorbike engines.  We supply throttle body assemblies to Norton Motorcycles for their Commando and Dominator motorbikes and soon for the magnificent V4 SS Norton Superbike where we have designed drive-by-wire throttle bodies to control front and rear banks independently of cylinders for ultimate control and feel.  This kit also includes variable inlet tracts and remote injectors and is manufactured and supplied by Jenvey ready to run! 


Our focus on weight and fine engineering has allowed us to work with manufactures of small very fuel efficient engines providing electronic throttle solutions down to 15mm and smaller.  This is an ever growing market and we are embracing new design and manufacturing techniques to stay at the forefront of technological advances.

OEM Solutions

Jenvey are the choice of OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 Automotive suppliers requiring bespoke or prototype solutions.  Our team are able to offer rapid design and prototyping methods to deliver projects of any size quickly and efficiently in complete confidence.  Such projects include; billet fuel rails, water cooled electronic throttle bodies and direct to head after market conversions.

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