Research and Development

Early adoption of individual throttle bodies electronically actuated has continued Jenvey’s passion for research and development. With our manufacturing focus on weight savings such as thin walled casting developed in our own foundry it is not just our products that are evolving.


Our Engineering Design Team is focused on providing a complete professional service. We dare to go beyond boundaries with leading innovative design solutions to engineering problems. Our CAD design and draughting skills are provided by our experienced and adaptable design engineers utilising Solidworks and start to finish capabilities including our aluminium foundry with dedicated CNC pattern machine. 'The' choice of OEM manufacturers requiring bespoke or prototype solutions, our design team are able to use modern rapid prototyping methods to deliver projects of any size quickly and efficiently in complete confidence.


Here at Jenvey we embrace a challenge. By manufacturing everything in house, it allows us to not only keep full control of quality, but also achieve the flexibility required to support the Motorsport and Automotive industries. We are continuously improving and investing to ensure we work at the forefront of modern manufacturing with a bank of the latest machining technologies. Armed with highly skilled operators, we utilise the latest CAM machining software alongside traditional programming techniques to manufacture complex components. We combine that with our on-site foundry where we are able to create detailed thin-walled aluminium castings made to tight tolerances and specifications and hand fabrication by the industries best craftsmen in our components department. Traditional as these may be, they are still hugely relevant in motorsport manufacturing today. All of these processes result in a motorsport quality product that has been engineered to win, and this is something we are all very proud of.

Quality Control

All members of our team are responsible and accountable for the quality of the parts they produce. Alongside this we continuously improve complex jigs and fixtures, such as a recent upgrade which has revolutionised the way we produce throttle body spindles. This not only slashed our machining time by over 40%, but further improved the quality and accuracy.

With full machining and assembly drawings for all major parts we are achieved ISO9001:2015 in April 2018.