Airbox Backplate Standard Size

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A flat aluminium backplate with our standard pre drilled holes to fit various engines. If your engine is not listed below, please see ABB2/0-M.

Please note that this item is made to order and can't be refunded.


ABB2/0-84 - Ford Sigma 84mm Spacing

ABB2/0-86 - MMZ03 / DBVW / DBRVK 86mm Spacing

ABB2/0-86OFF - MMZ03 / DBVW / DBRVK 86mm Spacing Offset

ABB2/0-92 - MMZ01/02 92mm Spacing

ABB2/0-92OFF - MMZ01/02 92mm Spacing Offset

ABB2/0-93.6 - Zetec TB 93.6mm Spacing

ABB2/0-96 - MV03 MP02 96mm Spacing

ABB2/0-97 - MF07 97mm Spacing

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