Ford 2L Duratec - SF51 Taper ITB Kit

Details of Base kit

The Jenvey Ford Duratec 2.0L electronic fuel injection (EFI) individual throttle body kit (ITB) has been designed and developed in house to significantly increase performance and throttle response of your engine leading to a reduction in lap times. This engine was originally fitted into the Fiesta ST150, Mondeo, Focus, Cmax and Eco-sport.  Designed in conjunction with Mazda it is also available as the Mazda MZR engine and used in the Mazda 3 and MX5

This super light weight Motorsport kit is fully port matched and port aligned with the Duratec 2L HE port angle of 20 Degrees. It is commonly used in Formula or Sports Prototype cars where the bonnet does not limit height.  Standard Ford fuel injectors will not fit.  See recommended injectors in options.

A more Basic version of this kit is used in the UK Sports 2000 race series giving 200BHP on a standard engine with dry sump, motorsport exhaust, Motorsport ECU and 8200rpm rev limit. (the Jenvey development car won this series outright in 2009 and 2012).

This Jenvey kit requires an aftermarket ECU.

Drawing and other information can be found at the bottom of the page

Heritage kit

TB kit

MX5 DTH kit

Kit performance is enhanced by careful positioning of the EFI fuel injectors being located further upstream than standard and directly in the part throttle turbulence of the butterfly.  This allows increased time/distance for improved fuel mixing increasing torque and power where its needed.  Our spindles profiled to minimise cross sectional area at full throttle and an 8 degree shut angle (shallower than most) gives finer control at small throttle openings.  Our kits come built and balanced ready to fit you your engine and win races.

Jenvey Dynamics design, develop and manufacture all products in house often working with leading engine builders.  Uniquely, with our own foundry, all castings are created in the same factory that they are machined and built in.  Our cast systems are significantly lighter than fully CNC parts and all major components are backed up by rig tests of over 1 million cycles.  All our standard kits are proven but our throttle systems are extremely modular allowing bespoke throttle sizes and system lengths. Please order components individually for bespoke application.

The base kit comes with manifold, SF taper bore throttle bodies (48mm butterfly) with an injector location, 90mm airhorns, large bore fuel rail with mounts.

Jenvey can supply bungs to block the cylinder head injection positions.  More power is achieved with the injectors positioned further away from the valve.

Throttle operation can either be with a cable linkage kit or electronic throttle actuator.  (CLS2-SF/CLD2-SF ETA2-SF)   new part number ETA2-SF and ETA2-TB

An idle air system can help make road cars more useable but is not required with electronic actuation

We offer a range of injectors but recommend Bosch 412cc  for this kit – see our injector sizing chart.

To fit a panel filter to this kit a carbon 50mm dished backplate is required. ABB2-50C-FDURSF51

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