EFI Swirl Pot with integrated high pressure pump and regulator

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The Jenvey EFI swirl pot and integrated high pressure fuel pump and pressure regulator has been designed to convert low pressure fuel from the low-pressure fuel pump to high-pressure fuel for electronic fuel injection. It includes an integral 3 bar fuel pressure regulator on the return side. It has been designed to swirl fuel from the low pressure pump and high pressure return ensuring liquid is centrifuged out forcing air into the middle / top of the pot which then escapes via the bleed.   This ensures there is a constant feed of high-pressure fuel to the engine even when the fuel tank level is very low and the low-pressure pump start drawing air.  Internal baffling and a 60 micron filter built onto the internal pump pickup further makes this unit a complete great value all in one solution.

This product is perfectly suited both classic cars and race cars.  For a classic car it acts mainly as a converter from carburettor 3psi pressure to electronic fuel injection pressure of 45psi.  In a race car is a fundamental part of the fuel system allowing you to run to very low levels of fuel in the tank and removing air that can be pulled in during high g corners.

Development testing included using clear housings and deliberately introducing air to confirm the bleed worked.  This was followed up by running in the Jenvey Gunn Sports prototype which sees corning forces of up to 2.7g, where the Jenvey Swirl pot has performed perfectly despite being solid mounted to the chassis, in a very busy engine bay.

The swirl pot must be fed with a low pressure pump.  It should be part of a return fuel system and includes a 3 bar pressure regulator.

Volume - 490ml

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